8 comments to “Kindergarten Hair Cut”
  1. Wow! Must be something in the air, we had one of those here last week as well. Now my 5 year old son is sporting his very short summer buzz a bit early. He didn’t dare complain. Glad to know we’re not alone.

  2. You definitely need to keep this one to show him when he is older. My brother did the haircut and he also cut his eyelashes.

  3. What a great shot! I’m both looking forward to and dreading these experiences with my baby daughter lol.

    btw, found you through best shot monday. Can’t wait to look through your blog a bit more. Take care!

    -Mee, Blue Moon Mama

  4. what a fantastic expression on his face! what a wonderful memory 🙂 reminds me i need to capture an image of my daughter giving my husband his haircut … very different expression i think!

  5. Miranda did the same thing, she was a few years older and she cut it right up to the hairline! She put the cut hair in the toilet, but didn’t flush or even put the lid down and then she kept saying “I didn’t cut my hair” LOL She wore a hat to school for a couple of weeks! It actually looked worse when it started growing out because it stuck straight up! Wow that seems like a lifetime ago!

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