Kid’s Definition of a Blast

All I could think of, when my kids stood on the glass ledge at the top of the Willis,

formerly SEARS tower, was… how the Epoxy we use at home around our bathtub tends to peel away… or gets moldy when water hits it repeatedly from the shower… or from the rain that probably hits it up here high above the city. What kind of epoxy do you  think they use?  Must get some of that good stuff for the bathroom.

Then, I pushed that out of my mind, because as the kids say, “They were having a blast.”  That’s just crazy. Crazy fun, for the kids. Then, we headed to the Lego Store, and then the Hancock tower… (skip the lines and the admission price by heading straight to the top to the restaurant) and of course, in the restaurant, they ignored the view outside, and began building their stuff…

And I managed to get one group shot here of all of those boys.

The best I could do.

Then, just your average night of fireworks, dinner, etc.


And, playing in the city fountains with my Dad and brothers…

And, we we tucked them into bed in the hotel, after the long, hot walk home, we heard, “Tonight was a blast.”


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  1. Did you visit the ladies room in the restaurant at the top of the Hancock? It has the best view of the whole building! Also, watching the Navy Pier fireworks from the Hancock’s restaurant is awesome – and you’ve probably never looked down at fireworks before!

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