Keeping Track of the Marshmallows In My Pantry

To accompany the ice, we now have snow at the lake. The idea of stepping out our front door to sled down our hill is luring us back to the lake for a short trip. There will be a bon fire in the snow, with s’mores and mittens; but first there is the prep work to get us ready to go.

Usually, when we’re leaving the lake, I barely have enough time to circle the essentials on my g-list.  Instead, I’ve found a faster, handier way to know at-a-glance what we have up there, and what we don’t.  So, based on the photos I took when we ran out the door last time,

I need to bring pancake mix, cereal and bread.  Not pictured, but I remember I do have marshmallows stored in the freezer along with the Hershey chocolate bars.  I don’t see graham crackers, so I’ll grab some.  From the fridge here, I’ll transport the tortilla shells, milk, cheese, packs of frozen chicken,  eggs, clementines, grapes, cherry tomatoes, romaine hearts, carrots and parsley.  Remember, it’s six mouths to feed. I also see that we still have a couple of hot chocolate mixes still there, and waiting.

The kids are grumbling they don’t want to go (they always do, until they get there, and then they complain that they don’t want to go home once they’re there) and I’m thinking this is all too much work, and we should just stay home; but we’re going. This is how memories are made.

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