Just like walking on water

They tried to stick me into the beginner class. That would be one level lower than level one. OK, fine, so I didn’t know how to tighten my bindings…yet…, but if they could see me on the slalom water ski
So, when that instructor wasn’t watching, I scurried over to level one and tried to act natural.

When I was able toget my skis on the first time, under the critical eye of this instructor, I knew I was in. Here, I come, Steamboat Springs, Colorado.

Now, to conquer the mountain.

Was I just a bit scared? No question. Could I show it? Not an option. But seriously, wouldn’t this be ten times easier than a deep water start, when you actually have to pull yourself up out of water?

Turns out I was right. Under Sean, my instructor’s watchful eye, he showed me how to stop (a little different than just dropping the ropes) traverse, and turn. Then, he moved me up to level 2. On the first day. Moving down the slopes is so much like cutting across the wake. Same muscles, same sense of control. Except snow skiing maybe — just a big more of a blast.

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