Just Like Curious George

He’s fine. We thought he was having an acute appendicitis… which called for an overnight “Observation.” While there, he miraculously got better.  Thank goodness… no cutting involved.

The hospital has just undergone a major renovation… the rooms, were beautiful. Sadly beautiful, like a posh hotel. Which, is truly, such a tragedy, that we ever need such beautiful spaces to keep parents and kids so happy during a scary time in their lives. Our friend Seth, missed this renovation… and we missed him during our stay. He would have loved this room. (Except for not being able to eat.)

There was a huge board in the back of the room, full of silhouette pictures of frogs and prairie grass, with an adjustable lens. You could “pick” your color for the day to match your mood. Ours was always green. At night, this big board was your nightlight.

Snapped with phone

He figured out how to get to the bathroom on his own, jumping out of bed, unplugging the IV, and wheeling it with him to the bathroom… and adjusting the bed buttons so he could easily manuever in and out of the bed easily without tangling the cord.

“Mom, did you know that when you hold those buttons they keep going?”

“Yeah, honey, you have to let go once you get the bed where you want it to be … you stop pressing.”

“Yeah, but it keeps going.”

“Sure. Whatever.”

I left to get some tea. I was probably gone 2.5 minutes tops. He was calmly in his bed, searching for a movie on his “personal laptop” the hotel hospital provided.

A few hours after we returned home, I overhead him telling his older brother this:

“…so, when you keep pressing the button, it keeps going. So, when mom left to get her tea, I kept holding the button until my legs were straight up in the air… just like Curious George when he broke his leg!” Then, laughter.

The least he could have done was to let me see so I could have snapped a picture.

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