Just Carry On, As if Nothing Is Happening.

Just add these items to your already packed to-do list:

Track sports award banquet. You are responsible for coaches gifts and snacks for 90 participants and families.


Mini-mall is coming up. Your child needs you to help him create over a hundred or so products. He needs 100 pine cones for alien buddies: and neckties to make snakes.


Get supplies and provide him any support he needs throughout the pre and post mini-mall phase. But, he has demanded that you not help. “He’s got it all covered.”

It’s time to open the lake house. Guests are coming.

You are now nursing a cold. It’s so bad that you will not have a voice for 2-3 days. When your voice comes back, the cold won’t be over yet… you’ll still have about 10 days left.

8th Grade Confirmation. (Yes… and you did not bring a camera?)

Your son will be attending two regattas over the next two weeks that will involve travel. He will be leaving on Friday, during school, and not returning until Sunday night. We need volunteers.

Your son is heading to Washington DC for his class trip. He will need supplies and clothes and you must  fit in time to attend this mandatory meeting. We cannot conference you in.


Continue to maintain daily routines, laundry, cleaning and preparing meals — as if nothing, really, is going on.



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