Just an innocent little cat call


This guy acts all shy, and quiet and buries his face when he sees a girl he likes. His latest “flame” is a babysitter around the corner. One day, I was taking him for a walk, pushing him in the stroller, when she appeared from around the corner and started walking on the other side of the street on the sidewalk. She was dressed in her cheerleading outfit. She looked adorable. And, he could barely contain himself. So, this time, he couldn’t act all shy and quiet — because she was too far away to notice him. So, he yelled across the street at her, “Are you coming over to my house?”

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8 comments to “Just an innocent little cat call”
  1. nature? nurture? think we have our answer?


    hope his laugh is as infectious…our next door neighbour Rowland is a three year old with a laugh that could stop wars.

    I loved your how to observe autumn piece….loved it…thanks.


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