Julia Seems Unhappy

I’m tearing down Christmas here — reluctantly — but so glad to clear the space. To make it more interesting, I switched on the DVR and thought I’d do this year’s viewing of The Bishop’s Wife — which I had no time for this year.

Actually, I refused to watch it.  I hesitated to turn on. I thought, “Maybe I’m just doing this out of tradition, because I”m supposed to like it, because I always have?”

“What if I can’t stand it? What if I’ve outgrown it, and it’s just too corny?” I couldn’t bear to outgrow this movie.

Well… I can tell you that has not happened. I am just as gripped by every word, as if I have never heard a single line from the movie before. Is it those crisp suits that drape over Carey Grant? Or is it watching David Niven get stuck to that chair? Or, “Just bring us the best lunch you can think of.” Or Watching Carey Grant frighten The Bishop by appearing in rooms, without using a door? Or is it that endearing Professor Wutheridge?

No. It’s not those things. But, I think I caught it — right in the beginning, Carey Grant, comes swooping into the scene, the angel, and says to the profesr, “Julia seems unhappy.”

Julia seems unhappy…. and the angel is curious, and wants to find out why.

This is it!– I am in love with the idea that someone could be thinking about us, far above, when we are unaware. Moving things, working behind the scenes. This is what I love about the movie. Every single scene is orchestrated behind that single motive — helping Julia, without her realizing she’s being helped.

Why is this not corny? this is no I’ll- fix-that-real-quick, It’s-A-Wonderful-Life story. Just like real life, things are more complicated than that. Even the angel here  can’t fix things…. until he breaks them first.

Breaking thins is never corny.

Julia is unhappy.

Very intriguing, that Bishop’s Wife.

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