Jockeying for Presents


“Mom. I’m thinking of 12 kinds of candy to get you for Mother’s Day. See if you can guess them.”
“Smarties are my favorite, so I know you’ll get me that.”
“Yessss, and what else.”
“Chocolate kisses?”
“Yes, and don’t forget Starbursts.”
“But I don’t like those.”
“Well, that’s why I’ll eat them for you.”


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12 comments to “Jockeying for Presents”
  1. For my daughter’s recent birthday, my son declared that he wanted to buy her some toy cars and planes, because “that’s what she likes.” Ummm, sure she does!

  2. AWESOME street!!
    At Six Flags my step son had tickets he can turn in for a prize, he wanted Laughy Taffy..he told the woman, can you just get me the pink kind..I said, “would you please get me a yellow one, that’s my favorite”…
    He said, “No, that’s OK I can eat all pink”

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