I’ve Learned It’s Best To Just Say Hmmmm

“So, Mom, I learned in my driver’s ed class tonight how to parallel park… and it seems pretty easy.”


“Yeah. What’s the big deal about that, anyway? Why do people say it’s so hard?”

You thought it was easy?

“Yeah, I mean, all you do is pull the car up right beside the car in front, line up – steering wheel to door handle – and then turn the wheel all the way to the opposite way, and back up a little bit until you get to the curb, and then… etc.”

So  you’ve done this already, first time? You did it without a hitch?

“No Mom,  of course not! We’re not actually driving! I read it in the book… photos and everything. It’s so easy.”

Right. Hmmmm….

I guess that just settles that.



3 comments to “I’ve Learned It’s Best To Just Say Hmmmm”
  1. Haha! I actually think I am a MASTER parallel parker. For some reason, it came easy to me. (maybe because I come from three generations of General Motors retirees?? I just “get” cars and driving)

    You will have to let us know if he really thinks that once he gets behind the wheel! Maybe it will just make sense to him? If only school books were the same way!!!

  2. Oh, I remember those years! Have fun! Glad I only had to go through it twice! Just wait until the first time they drive off in the car alone! Both girls still text me when they get where they are going and when they are coming home, well Bekah more since she still lives with us.
    Kids always figure out an easier way – or so they think! LOL

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