I’ve been waiting all fall for this moment…

The kid’s busy sports calendar left the coldest weekend this fall as the only spot on the calendar to take the dock out.


This wasn’t the windiest weekend this fall, but it was close. We were wearing our winter coats

while my husband stood in the water to take out the poles. Luckily, the water temperature was still hovering in the 60s.

The docks were heavy and awkward to lift out over the rocks, onto their resting space. The little boys were mysteriously absent during the whole process… they could have fetched hammers, wrenches, WD40 — anything to help shorten the job.

They didn’t show up again until the docks were stacked up on the beach, and they climbed up to do a celebratory dance, and then, took it upon themselves to take what we needed; a much needed rest.

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