I’ve been holding out on you

Quietly, last November, we acquired a new piece of equipment for lake house. Dave and our 10-year old drove it up here just a few days before Thanksgiving.
It’s been sitting on the garage all this time.

Waiting.Waiting for what you ask? Waiting for us to get done with all the lake house projects. The work is unending; the trees account for most of our time. We’re either dealing with leaves, or collecting branches and cutting wood from the latest storm. There also has been this other issue.

The water has been too high for boating, a welcome contrast to last year’s low water. The water was too high to get the docks in. So, the Sherriff supposedly posted a sign that said “no wake.” There was also a warning about a fine for damage boats cause to lake owner’s property.

Then the sign was down, and some people, who had their work done, not us, were able to take their boats out. Then the sign was up. Then the sign was down. The water wasn’t moving. So, some lake residents swam down to the drainage pipe to find out why the water wasn’t going down. They cleared the pipe, and within a week, the water was a foot below the dock.
So the sign went down. Boating was back at the lake; but not for us. We’re still in the middle of lake house mending and cleaning. Then the sign went up.

A call to the sheriff revealed that he did not post the sign. However, he has been getting complaints from some people at the lake, worried about the lake washing up on their lawns. They are the parties, apparently, posting the sign; merely pretending the Sheriff posted the warning. The sheriff’s response? “Until I see people sandbagging, I don’t think they’ve got a problem.” So, boating is officially, and has been, all clear. Excerpt for people like us, who don’t have time because they’re too busy fixing things at the lake.

Kind readers brought it to my attention that it was Mr. Green Jeans on Captain Kangaroo. Childhood was just a blissful blur from Captain Kangaroo to Lucy.

5 comments to “I’ve been holding out on you”
  1. Oh come on! Get the boat out already! Before you know it, the season will be over!

    And I thought that about Captain Kangaroo, but I thought maybe I was sleep-deprived.

  2. I think it’s really funny that people who live by a lake are worried about…water…in their yards. Sure, not floods or anything, but I would think a wake from a boat should be an acceptable occurrence!

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