It’s time to harvest your lavender

You want to catch them, just before they open all the way. If you wait until they’re already open, they balls of lavender will fall off as they dry.


I rarely have time to sit down anymore and make these. But one night, a friend stopped by with her new baby. So, I sat with her, and noticed my lavender, bursting with blooms. So, I began to cut the stems, and tried to make her one (mine did not look so great) to take home to put in the baby’s room. It was a calming activity. I thought, I should do more of this. Then, my neighbor walked up, the one who recently lost her mother, to give me a thank you card. I made her one. She’s very tomboyish, and doesn’t like fussy things. But her face lit up. And she smiled, and said, “How do you find out about these things?”

Then we talked with her about the mess of laundry in her house, and now, with her Mom gone, nobody knows what chores they’re supposed to be doing, and no one cleans the bathrooms, but she did her own laundry today. Her Dad likes to cook, so that’s been fine. What a transition. When I lost my Mom, it was at a time when I didn’t see her everyday. Now the Mom is gone who has been there, hands-on, touching every part of her life.  The cooking, the cleaning, the de-cluttering.  And now, all of it gone.

So, harvest some lavender. You never know who might need some.

4 comments to “It’s time to harvest your lavender”
  1. This was a very thoughtful post, Susie. We have to make each moment of every day something special because as you say…
    I had some of those lavender wands- I loved the way they smelled.
    Thanks for sharing…

  2. ….and you never know how one little act which comes straight from your heart touches the lives of people around you in ways you would never imagine 🙂

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