It’s Just a Packet of Seeds

The warm weather, (it reached above 50) combined with the sun, stirred something deep inside of me. Could this be the day to plant those cold weather peas?

No, these weren’t planted yet… but don’t they look pretty? They’re next… for inside, in newspapers


Peas love a good frost, and the warmth had melted the snow and I could actually see the dirt. I emailed one of my blogging readers who loves to garden, and said, “should I?” Why not? We both agreeded.

You see, my friends, some plants love a good frost. These plants actually taste sweeter in the cold. Mother Nature cooperated with me to give me enough warmth to let the seeds germinate, and I cooperated right back by giving her something to work with.

I pulled out my collection of seed packets, some opened some not yet, from the freezer, and searched through the cold-weather varieties. I took the packets outside, and realized I needed a rake to peel back the leaves and sticks. While I raked, the seed packets started to blow away. I lost one… who knows what it was. But some neighbor is in for a surprise.

I ripped open the packets, and put seeds in the ground in rows, starting alphabetically:




collard greens

mesclun mix


radishes, of course

Kale would have been ideal, but I had no kale seeds. The wind blew, and I realized I was literally throwing caution to the wind with these seeds. Like my friend said, “we’ll just see what comes up.” Maybe, if I’m lucky, we’ll be eating pea shoots in just a few weeks.

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