It Whispers

This was a celebration, really, of our mothers — but this wasn’t the intention. As the speaker revealed so bluntly the poignant truths about ovarian cancer, silence fell over the room like a cozy teal-colored wool blanket. Yet, this was a celebration that was supposed to be about “noise.” As in, ovarian cancer is so silent, so deadly — so let’s wake-up and listen to our bodies and pay attention to what it is telling us — before it’s too late.

Too late for what?


 The speaker shared with us how she is facing the biggest battle of her life; her mother is gone. The biggest champion of her life, the one that gave her life, is no longer here to help her fight. Sucked away by ovarian cancer. 

This is the way it is, really, for some of us in the room. We were the silent ones, with tear-stained cheeks. Whether it is ovarian cancer, pneumonia, tragedy or simply age, our mothers are swept away before the biggies come into our lives. The very person we would draw our strength from is gone…swept away in just the knick of time. 

Were they spared of seeing us in such a state — spared from standing there watching, hands at their sides, unable to help? Who would have suffered more? 

But I’ve watched us — those of us without mothers. We have a gift — an otherworldly sense of acceptance and peace. From somewhere far away, we begin to embody the very qualities we miss about our mothers. And then, she is with us all the time…

But we, and you, are not ready to give up so easily. Yes, we want to be there to fight for our children’s biggest battle — we don’t care how much standing by with our arms at our side breaks our hearts — we want to be there!

So, please, pay attention to your body. Look for the signs of ovarian cancer. You think you know – but you don’t. We need education. 


  • Because one in every 75 women will get the disease.
  • Because mortality rates have not dropped in over 40 years.
  • Because it is the deadliest gynecological cancer.
  • Because there are no great early detection tests.




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  1. I too attended the event, thank you for your beautiful summery. It was such a meaningful luncheon. Love and loss is so powerful. I was grateful to have been there to hear Jenny Ledmans words. Peace to you!

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