In the snow today

Snow Ice Cream Recipe is Here: It’s at the bottom of this post:
My children’s “I Come From” for today only, might read something like this …
My Mom sent me to school, but it was closed… Three days in the row of having no school . . . Having the honor to accompany my Mom (yes, all four of them) while she went to her annual mammogram appointment . . .


Asking my mom, (the 5-year-old) in front of all the nice ladies in the waiting room,
“Can you get me one of those hats people wear at football games that has two straws coming out of it?”And later, a setting a bowl outside to catch fresh fallen snow . . .




Wrestling my brothers for a place on the hot register . . .reg
Mixing milk, sugar and vanilla in a bowl, and adding the snow . . . mix
Eating fresh snow ice cream . . (1 gallon snow, 2 cups milk, 1 cup sugar and two teaspoons of vanilla)


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2 comments to “In the snow today”
  1. Dear SusieJ, we are honored that you would use our time tested recipe for Snow Ice Cream. It was passed to me by my grandmother who was born, believe it or not, in 1877! We have found it flawless over the years and always delicious. Beyond that, Nanny Tina and I, two brilliant and beauiful Tribeca Nannies, work tirelessly to bring everyone interesting news and gossip. I just finished a lecture on the beneifits of being a girl. We look forward to counting you and your wonderful new blog as our friend. Come visit often. You are always welcome.

    Stay warm!
    Nanny Molly

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