In A Sliver of A Second, He Just Let Go

There was a turning point. I probably would have missed it if not for the guide, perceptively tuned into our son, when, in a sliver of a second, he let go of the thin line of steel that carried him, as he dangled at around 30 feet, down to the next platform.

It wasn’t enough to go ziplining in the Redwoods of California. I just HAD to take the boys too. But there is a weight limit — only the big boys were old enough to go. And, besides, Fun Size would just be too scared to do it anyway.

That was until, Discovering Ohio sent me to  Dragonfly Zipline — where little kids can zipline. And — the best part of Dragonfly is  — oh, this is tough — because there’s so much I loved about Dragonfly  —  the thrill was not “kiddie” it was real — but — I’d still have to say the guides make Dragonfly so awesome.  I can’t compliment those guides enough for giving my little Fun Size the confidence he needed to dangle, happily, at 30 feet up in the air. Read more about it at DiscoveringOhio.

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