Imitating Susie Kate

Years ago, my husband and I found this quaint diner in San Francisco on a Sunday morning. We popped in for breakfast before our flight left that day, and started off with Mint Juleps, with real mint leaves, and ended with the most delicious grits I’ve ever eaten. (Do you think it was the Mint Julep-effect?) The name on the door said, “Susie Kate’s.”

I can’t make grits at home taste as good as Susie’s, no matter how much butter I add. My husband tells me that he learned on his last visit that Susie Kate’s is no more — so no more awesome grits. But, I ran across this breakfast recipe for grits, eggs and bacon, all mixed together, and decided this is the real deal. This is Soooooo delicious… truly comfort food.


Here’s how to do it:

  1. Cook grits according to package directions. Add some butter and salt. Extra butter.
  2. While grits are simmering, cook bacon and fry eggs. Let the yolk stay a bit runny.
  3. Scoop out a pile of grits into a bowl, and top with runny egg and bacon. Add fresh parsley for the top, and dig in.

Such a great, comforting way to start the day. And by the way, everyone… I’m going to be OK.


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