Sometimes I can feel the Earth’s Rotation

I’m wondering if all of that stuff about Guinness cake restoring your strength/your reserves is true. Because I really need one.


I’d like to test it. However, I can’t manage a clear spot on my day long enough to allow me the joy of making that cake; Mom, where are you when I need you? Could you just whip one up for your tired, exhausted daughter?

This cake is not something you can run out and pick up at the bakery.  Only a friend, a wife, or a Mom makes these things. Eventually, you learn to live without, to forget, to not bother, to not pay attention to what you really want.  Or you divert yourself away to a large bar of chocolate.


  • Moved every single person into a new bedroom, and purged. During the move, I became weak; I thought I was old; and then I ate something, and realized, I was just hungry.
  • Last night’s string concert lasted beyond its promise of 90 minutes. We would have left when our sons were done; but the cases were locked away to prevent ANYONE from leaving the auditorium before all classes, all the way through high school, were finished. I felt like a hostage. Arriving home, after 9:30 p.m. on a school night, to a kitchen over-burdened with dishes from a rushed-dinner, homework and laundry that needed folding was a little too much St. Patrick’s Day Excitement. Overtired kids this AM led me to re-think our life’s priorities; including strings.
  • My son wrote a book, and I was invited to his book signing event this A.M. Still recovering from the upset in my schedule that this morning’s visit has provoked. Fighting stop-drop-and-go, and counting out an even number of Marshmallow Peeps that went into each lunch bag. We arrived, barely on time, and at one point, my husband looked at me across the first grade desks, and said, “I think you should put your hat back on.”
  • It’s spring, and I’m getting a touch of fever. The cure is to watch Rear Window, with Jimmy Stewart and Grace Kelly. This is similar to the fever that occurs in December that leads me to The Bishop’s Wife.
  • I’m counting on the kids wearing all of their clothes before I have a chance to fold them; or worse, get them to fold their clothes, themselves.
  • Sips of apple cider vinegar are doing an excellent job of keeping my allergy symptoms undetectable.
  • What a tangled web we weave. AIG’s Liddy has this to say: “the roughly $165 million in bonuses paid out over the weekend should be honored as a legal commitment of the United States government, which now owns 80 percent of the battered insurer.” Sometimes when twisted logic like this hits me in the face, I can actually feel the Earth spinning at its 800 mph, and I need to grab a heavy surface just so I can hang on and not fall over.
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  1. The AIG thing is completely doing my head in, but the other concern about a ‘talent exodus’ even more so – the talent that got us into this mess in the first place, presumably!

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