I’m thinking of entering the county fair

with my prized beans. You know you’ve reached success when you’re skeptical Father says, “I’m amazed at how well your fort does look after all.” Despite the junkyard trellises, the discarded branches and posts full of Irish Spring Soap. Not only can I say that the fort a success, but the beans are so mighty, Jack-In-The-Beanstalk BIG.

I think I should win a prize or something.

The 20 foot vines on the fort have wrapped themselves so beautifully around those junkyard trellis, so that all you see are those big, beautiful draping leaves.

If you’re thinking about building a similar fort, I encourage you to get these Jack-In-The Beanstalk Seed from Seeds of Change. The white flowers attract humming birds that come around each evening.

The Japanese Beetles were difficult to battle against, but the vines seemed to be undaunted by a few little holes in the leaves. Still, the boys reported that one morning a “huge spider web caught thousands of Japanese Beetles.” It was knocked down before I could witness the web.

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27 comments to “I’m thinking of entering the county fair”
  1. Holy cow. The vine itself is just so wonderful. It brings back memories of when I was young because my parents used to grow string beans in the backyard and we used to pick them and eat them while playing. Yum.

  2. Wow, your beans look awesome! You should totally enter them in the county fair. 🙂 Ours is next month and I’ve been debating about what to enter myself in the fair.

  3. they are amazing girl. I was here this morning with my mouth hanging open in shock- holy giant! Yr amazing as usual! 🙂

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