I’m surprised I still have both


of these mittens, but I do. I bought them ten years ago, when my oldest son was 2. His three brothers have each worn them in turn, by choice. These mittens have a special feature, unlike other mittens: The open up, so that you can slide your thumb right in, and the back cover velcros back into place.



The velcro flap is what attracted me to these mittens in the first place…It’s so hard to teach little fingers how to fit into mittens. However, it took a good year before my oldest son felt “safe” enough to wear these. Maybe it was the sound of the velcro pulling apart, we never knew, but he would say, “No, No, No,” every time we opened them up and said, “You just slide your thumb right in.”

Of course, the mittens were brand new then… not faded, stained and torn. There used to be a smiley face on each of the thumbs, and that little face has now worn off.

I find it utterly fascinating that both of these mittens, despite their long and active lives, are both still here… together, still used, and currently-favored by my 4-year-old son. This was the picture I took for my Best Shot Monday.

I want to pay tribute to these little swatches of fabric that have kept my son’s fingers dry and warm through so much wind, freezing temperatures, and attempted snowmen and snowball fights. These mittens have done their job well, taking on the cuts, tears and stains as a sacrifice for my son’s little hands.

Of course, in the two days that passed since I took this photo, the mittens have shown up missing, for the first time. They made perfect Buzz Lightyear Gloves for his Buzz Lightyear Costume for church, and they were absently left behind.

I called the teacher after she returned home; she found them (she was probably ready to take a collection to help my son get a new pair of mittens after she took a good look at them!) and she locked them up, and they are safe in the Sunday School cabinet until next week.

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25 comments to “I’m surprised I still have both”
  1. wow how awesome! I love the idea of those gloves too. My 5 year old still can’t get one finger in each finger hole, it droves me insane!

  2. You’d think we would see more of those around since it’s such a neat idea but I’ve never heard of that. And I’d be tempted to lock them up right now for safe keeping.

  3. That is amazing! I love that you have them still, and that each of your sons has gotten enjoyment from them! They’re almost like a security blanket of sorts!

  4. That is such a lovely tribute. I know they are only mittens but the memories trapped inside them make them important to you; I am so glad the teacher found them….

  5. All mittens should be made this way for those little hands.

    And no, I do not have pictures of each boy wearing them… I just didn’t realize what was happening in the moment. I wish…

  6. Those are the coolest mittens I have ever seen! And I think that it is so special that all of your kids have used them – that makes them even more worth holding onto!

    Great shots – and wonderful story to go along with them!

  7. Gosh, I know how hard it is to keep a pair of anything matched with just one child. It is truly amazing that those mittens have survived so long! I’d love to find a pair like that for Julia – they’re so convenient.

  8. Sweet that you still have them. And keep ’em when your 4yo is done with them.

    I love that my mother kept everything, so my kid has been able to wear stuff that was mine.

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