I’m Happy With Dover White

The creamy white reminds me of vanilla ice cream.

I’m so glad we chose this creamy white, the Sherwin Williams classic, Dover white, rather than the stark shabby chic white, (although I do love that look). I’m more pleased that we choose to splash the enitre space with this color, and avoided the whole “one baby blue wall” thing.

The bookcase was left and abandonned here with the lattice in the garage. It was too shabby to send to GoodWill. But before we ditched it, a few nails, some scrubbing, primer and a top coat of Dover White brought this into an extermely functional piece of furniture.

Just before we started this project, I was on my way out to visit the antique stores, hoping I would score some kind of bookcase to hold my cookbooks, as well as mine and the boy’s reading material.

Now, I think that Bass looks right at home. Now, it has that appropriately lived-in look.

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3 comments to “I’m Happy With Dover White”
  1. Excellent! You inspire me. There is so much to do around our house it’s overwhelming. I love this practical and stylish use of recycling. Oh and my ex husband has a trout a bit like your bass. His is carved out of wood. Yours?

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