I’m Getting New Furniture!

That beautiful, so beautifully, now-distressed table — which my boys so “artfully” created, is now my desk.

We are turning the dark, dreary, unused dining room into my office. This “table” has an optional leaf, which makes the table a big square — which is perfect for me — as I like to spread out — and the kids keep coming in the ask me questions for their homework — which is perfect, so we can all spread out. I’m going to be using these cute chairs,

which, are actually dining room chairs, and will make a comfy office chair.

The idea is to turn the room into an office like this:

Photo Credit to House & Home

— so that I can easily switch back to the dining-room-mood when I need to.
Photo Credit to House & Home

So yeah– I’ve got a long way to go before I’m there yet…this rug is going to grace the floor, which is arriving Thursday:

The walls are gold, so there is a bit of yellow with the faded pink, and the blue will match the blue in my new living room rug:

I’m buying quite a bit of new furniture –  I ordered a new rug for the foyer — and, yes Rosie looks funny and distorted — but isn’t the rug so beautiful? Covered in an entire can of Scotch Guard!

We are also looking for a new sofa for the living room, which will probably involve getting a loveseat and a sofa, rather than the sectional. Did you know that a loveseat is about $10 less than an entire sofa?! There is no room for the extra seating for an entire second sofa — so there you go.

More photos/updates to come….





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