I’m Friends With My Son’s Ex-Girlfriend

I get random texts from her, I follow her on Facebook — because she delights me– and sometimes, when he’s not around, I actually sneak over to her house and look at her Europe photos. She just got back. I’d like to spend even more time over there — but I can’t. I’m busy — and I just wish she could still come over and just hang-out in my kitchen like she used to do when they were dating. Then, we could really catch up — and laugh.

Yes, my son knows I still have a relationship with her, but the last thing I want to do is make either one of them feel as if I’m trying to play matchmaker. In fact, that would cheapen the friendship I have with her — I really like her, “no strings attached.” So, while my son is OK with me having a friendship with his ex-girlfriend, I want to minimize the impression she is making on my life — because I basically don’t want their break-up to have any negative reverberations over into our friendship.

But yes, I miss her. And yet, as awkward as it may sound to have a friendship with her — it’s not. And no, as a mother of four boys, I am not setting a precedence — that I will always put forth the effort to soothe things over with former girlfriends and keep the peace. I wouldn’t do this with just any girl. You see, this girl is different. No matter how often, or how infrequently we see each other — we always have a million and one things to share — and it’s hard not to have something happen in my life and not think, “Hey, I bet she would think this is really funny. Or sad.”

Being friends with her is just as smooth sailing as riding in that red canoe across the water.

red canoe001

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