I’m coming home to get some needed R&R

The lake is lovely, what I saw of it anyway. I had hoped to escape the mad-rush of school, homework, and sports schedules by taking off with everyone for an extended stay at the lake. Instead, it was work, work, work. Some of it I created myself by deciding to build this bean fort, which was much more complicated than I imagined. More on that ugly contraption later this week. Yes, the ducks are lovely, but much work to the lakehouse owner who must work to keep the ducks away with red plastic tape, so that we’ll have a clean place to walk.

Much of the work we did this weekend was unplanned, unexpected and unwelcome. The shower head broke, spewing water everywhere in the house, with its accompanying endless trips to the hardware store for new parts. The toilet seat broke. There were over 120 bags of leaves to burn. The deck looks like it needs refinished again… already, but we didn’t touch that this weekend. Apparently, we need a new road to the lake, so there was a “lake resident meeting” to discuss the $500 we must all pitch in; each.

There were meals to cook, and meals to clean up without the dishwasher. The water is too high to put the dock in, so boating was out— but seriously, who had time for that? There was a bit of fishing, and they did catch a huge bullfrog and let him go.

We searched for mushrooms in all the hot spots, and found none, except for the one that was just lying in our yard that my son ate without sharing a single drop wtih anyone after my husband fried it up.

The air was actually a little too cool for frolicking and swimming in the water, yet the boys got in and played a bit and froze afterwards. So, we’re packing up soon, and heading back home, ready to relax in what’s left of the routine of school and homework. More work at the lake next weekend.

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  1. Those ducks may be fun to look at but they can really make a mess……..same with those Canadian geese. As for lake property, we used to have that and it was always a lot of work. Seemed like the only ones that really had time to enjoy it were our visitors. We were always fixing something.

  2. I feel similar after coming back from a weekend at our family cabin too. I need a vacation from my vacation. HA! And yet relaxation is evading me. Ah well.
    Great pics!

  3. Vacations aren’t always what they are cracked up to be. Especially if you are going to a second home! It makes a case for a hotel room with a maid, doesn’t it? Hope you enjoyed it a little bit, anyway.

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