I’ll be fine once I get there…

I’ve been to the lake for a few trips so far this summer, but I haven’t officially packed up and left for our annual summer lake migration.  A few writing deadlines and my oldest son’s trip to Chicago have prevented that official summer migration.  It’s Tuesday night, and I should have left Tuesday morning — but I’m not done packing.  I’m still doing laundry, the kitchen needs cleaned, and I haven’t returned all the library books yet. To that list, I could add, “I haven’t filled the boy’s scrapbooks with all of their year-end mementos,” but I finished that yesterday — for all four boys. Could I be stalling?

Not sure why I feel so jittery about packing up and going this time, but we could make a list and tick off lack of Internet, and lack of a decent restaurants to the top five reasons. There’s a lot to think about  — lots of details to clear up. Somehow, I feel as if I’ll be cut off from everyone… so promise me you’ll call me and say you’re coming up for a visit.

Now the boys are starting to get antsy to leave.  So that I can continue my 30-day challenge, the older boys packed up the Wii. They couldn’t have been more pleased to say “The Wii’s going to the lake!”

The little boys packed our lunches for the trip — sweetly, with oranges and cookies.

I’ll make a late night of  tying up the house’s loose ends, or getting up early tomorrow to work in silence.  When the boys are up, I can’t even think straight, and everything takes me so much longer — and everything gets half-hazard.

One night sitting on the deck, looking out over the water, reading The Sugar Queen will cure me, I’m sure.  Then, I also have a special treat: The Red Piano a DVD of Elton John in concert.

A night of catching fireflies, filling a jar, and then topping the whole evening off with a game of Ghost in the Graveyard will surely settle me into summer. Friends will help; our neighbors aren’t there yet either. Of course, watering my garden always soothes me. But tonight, I’m going to a fancy restaurant with my husband, and having that one great final meal before I take off.

8 comments to “I’ll be fine once I get there…”
  1. Did you post a recipe last year for a mojito that you make with limeade? I swore it was you, but I can’t find it now looking thru archives. Any chance that I missed it somehow? Or am I mistaken that it was you?

    Stephanie, not me. I have posted the the apple cider with a kick recipe…but that’s no mojito!

  2. Packing s***’s…. I always feel the same way when we go away, and then laugh to myself that I would have missed “all this” if I had decided to stay home because it was easier. Have a great time! Will miss your posts.

    I will schedule them… lots of lake pictures and stories coming. SJ

  3. I would *love* to visit you at the lake. Never gonna happen, most likely, but it surely does sound like fun!

  4. I’m jealous of your migration to the lake, but not so much of the packing & last minute errands which go along with it – I totally know what you mean, but I’m sure with children your schedule is even busier than mine! Good luck & enjoy the dinner!

  5. My Mum could sympathize with you. My parents come to Australia for 3-5 months each year and then go back to the UK for their summer. Each time she has to pack up one of her houses she finds herself completely unsettled. She always love sit once she gets to where she’s going however. Love the photo of the munches. How sweet are those boys?

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