I Wish All Trees Were Evergreen

Such are the dreams of little boys in the midst of raking leaves.


The leaves at the lake were so thick and so deep that they brushed against our knees as we walked. You could say the leaves were 3 feet deep. This is a big job. In years earlier we have “hired” this job; the result is 110 bags of leaves.


We worked for two days, using every available drop of the few hours of sunlight we had up here.

At one point, I actually heard these words: “Mom, it never gets that hot up here anyway… we don’t need the shade — let’s just cut these trees down.”


The good thing about shorter days in the winter is that your work day is short. The bad thing about short days is that your work day is short. There were points when I wondered if we would get them all raked in time – on this one and only weekend we set aside for this task.

So, they boys raked at night too. Nine to eleven last night.


The boys worked hard. So hard. Sometimes, the power behind having four boys come toghether astounds me. I’m savoring this moment. There is nothing quite like the feeling of having a job like this behind you.


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  1. My parents have large heritage oak trees at the bottom of their garden in the UK. In the summer they provide a welcome canopy of shade, in the winter they are a jolly nuisance. Congratulations on cracking this mammoth task and oh yes. That shot. *sigh*

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