I Was Never Really Sure If It Was Real or Memorex

It was one of those nights when the water was like glass, and everyone had just finished eating dinner. We were all out catching the last few bits of daylight, with games of wiffle ball, Frisbee Golf, and a few more casts of the net out to see what else we could catch for the day.

The bagpipes started. For years, this has been a hidden treat — never knowing when they would start, if they were real, or if they were a  recording played by someone who likes the sound of bagpipes. I wasn’t even sure, from where we sit, the sound was coming from. All of these years, just not knowing. This year, it all started to fall into place. It started to make sense. It was not Memorex, after all.

This is for Rocky and Lydia. Click here to listen. 

Happy Anniversary, and we all wish you were here. We’re all sending you both our love.


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