I Think I Need to Change that One to Lousiville

It’s Bracket time. And traditionally, in our house, basketball tournament time comes with great fanfare. You would think all five boys were on the Road to the Final Four. This is mine:

Based on research I gathered from the sports analysts at ESPN. I differed on a few points with them. I still have until Thursday (the first game) to get this straightened out… but I think I need to change the winner to Louisville.

This year, though, I hope I loose the family bracket contest. The winner wins “No Chores!” for a week.

Not exactly sure how that would work?

I noticed that no one single person here thinks like I do. One bracket is missing, because he took it to school to share with friends…




And what’s a family like, without one die hard fan… straight to the finish.


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One comment to “I Think I Need to Change that One to Lousiville”
  1. I do not understand one picture of this :-D!! I think we have a similar thing here called a footy tipping competition but it works week by week and there’s no way you have to predict the winners right from the get go!!

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