I still have her red coat to prove it



Maybe the wheels started turning when I saw pictures of her boys on her blog, and they were wearing those same familiar sleeves of Buzz Lightyear, Batman and Spiderman. Something about the way she wrote about growing up in a small town that made me think we’d click, or was it her passion for renovating her old house? Then I learned that Amy was a not-too distant neighbor, so I made it my mission to meet her.

Yesterday morning at Pistachio’s, it finally happened. Did we say Hello when we met? Can’t remember… the words just flowed too effortlessly between us, in spite of constant interruptions by our boys for more water, yet another bite of the cookies, and trying to stop them from literally tearing the place apart. So, we came back to my place, ate Campbell’s Tomato Soup with Ritz Crackers, and compared stories on bloggers, talked about her

  • new gig at Kirtsy, a spot she now shares with Ree, The Pioneer Woman.
  • The Awesome RoadTrip, when she met Bossy, and her
  • big plans to head to Blogher in San Francisco.

I’m telling ya. The girl is happening. We talked about you, our blessed readers, and how much we love what we do everyday on the web.



I’m sure it’s because we’re both from small towns, that we clicked instantly.



Maybe that, and the fact that we’re both bloggers, the first one I’ve ever offically met.



So I pinched myself this morning. Was she really here? Did I really meet her? Ahhh… yes, and I still have her plush red coat to prove it.  That’s what happens when you meet someone early in the morning when there’s a chill in the air, and stay together long enough that the air starts to warm.

Still time to win that camera.

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  1. IThe two of you do seem to be living parallel lives. sn’t it cool to meet other bloggers? I’ve met one woman who read my local blog and then started her own. She even brought her girls to my garage sale yesterday. I’m arranging marriages already, lol.

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