I Miss Your Randomness

The well-wishers from the classroom had one theme in their notes: “We miss you.” Two days out, and his buddies had so many questions about his pencil injury. After a morning spent under doctor examination, he returned to school, just before lunch time today, gingerly limping down the hall. Here are some of the highlights from the class notes:

Note the picture: “Bedels Rock.” (Beatles Rock, the patient’s fav band.)

Dear well-wisher, not only do I miss your randomness, but I adore your drawing of the picture with the line through it. The patient can’t look at this one… all pencils (real or imaginary) frighten him. I love how randomness is spelled perfectly, while pencil is spelled “parsall.”

His thank you note response to the class:

Thack (thank) you for the nots. (Notes) I had srgre (surgury). I mite (might) hafto (have to) git (get) srgre (surgury) agin (again).

See you on Winsday (Wednesday).

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