I may have gone too far with my de-cluttering

It became evident this past weekend that perhaps I might have been too zealous in my attempt to clear the clutter, ditch the junky plastic toys and strive for a more peaceful, Zen life. This light bulb moment came when my son pilfered a box of Irish Spring soap from our gardening supplies, and named it “Slipy.”

He faltered between carrying the box with the soap inside, to sometimes just carrying it au naturel, without the box. When he shook the bar of soap in the box, he asked everyone of us, “Doesn’t this sound like a horse?” Try it. It does. You know what I thought? Guilt about not giving my kids a pet… they have to use soapboxes as surrogates. Seems there’s a disconnect here, because I thought we did have pets — but I guess it’s just the boys.

Later he asked me to knit Slipy blue pants and a shirt.

The surrogate pony was doing well; until Slipy suddenly got wet.

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26 comments to “I may have gone too far with my de-cluttering”
  1. Precious, simply precious. Please post photos if you decide to knit Slipy some clothes…LOL! Oh, I think this is just priceless…Your child obviously does not need toys- what an imagination!

  2. That is hilarious. I think it is great that he can be so entertained by a bar of soap. You have a creative little one. Who needs toys or pets when you have slidy?

  3. At least he is easily entertained – and the pet has a very cost effective up keep! Well, until he dissolves completely, then you may have a problem.

  4. This makes me want to throw out (or at least hide) all my daughter’s toys just so I can see what she names all our household items. Wonderful post!

  5. So sweet. We recently took our son’s toys away for pruning/ punishment. While he was “toyless” he came up with all kinds of things to play with. Catalogues and sticks were high on his list.

  6. hahahahahaha That is hilarious! Don’t feel guilty! He is showing great initiative and resilience. And let’s face it. Soap doesn’t bring in vet’s bills! You’re laughing 😀
    PS I SO want to see the soap in knitted pants and shirt hahahahahahaha

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