I love white tablecloths


No, this is not the scene of a fancy restaurant. This is my kitchen. The everyday place where I feed four lovely boys each and every day. White…well, yeah, I admit this is a little nuts.

Deep in my heart, I know that white is not a color to fall in love with, if you are raising boys. But I can’t help myself. It looks so clean; so crisp; and so nice. It started out well…


I’ve even placed butcher block paper on top just to keep it nice.


This opened up a whole new world of possibilities for their creativity. However, twenty minutes into breakfast, my whole plan fell apart. I went back to my red one-that-hides-all-the-dirt. And life, is back to normal.


Just another one of those crazy dreams I have. More Best Shot Mondays, here.

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24 comments to “I love white tablecloths”
  1. Hee hee.

    I want to get a light yellow couch, but I keep thinking, what if I have kids?! Actually, I’m not even sure I could keep it clean

  2. To dream…the impossible dream! Everything in our house is burgundy and forest green : )

    We eat on a trestle table built by my husband’s great grandfather. It is sturdy enough, but I’m starting to despair over the finish. I’m just not sure I keep up with that much laundry to start using tablecloths.

  3. Actually, the tablecloth does save me lots of cleaning time. We invariably have a “spill” and the tablecloth absorbs most of it before it lands on the floor. I just wad up the tablecloth, shake it outside, and throw it in the washer.

    Rose, maybe I CAN still use the white one… with lots of Oxyclean.

  4. Oh I soooooo know this scene and my boys are 9+!!!! I dream of having lovely things around but nothing stays lovely for long 🙁
    I like the last shot best!

  5. Brave.

    I stick to placemats. I can swap out the child’s placemat, ’cause it gets dirtier faster than the others. And they don’t slip off the table when someone scootches past the table to closely.

  6. I’ve given up on anything save for the cold hard surface of stone. So resilient, so happily wiped clean. So what if my kids will think a dinner napkin is to be worn like a hat or waved like a flag. I’m doing what I’ve got to to survive.

  7. Haha, Nice shots and dreams!

    Yeah, I just use those vinyl placemats for now on our beat up, uhem “Rustic” style table.

    Oooh, someday, white tablecloths will return, then, we will probably want pink (haha)

  8. Ha ha ha! It’s always the little things, isn’t it? I love the first shot – even if it was only a white tablecloth for a short time!

  9. great shots! and I think it’s great that you give yourself the pleasure of the white tablecloth. No need to wait to enjoy life’s little pleasures!

    oh, and I just tagged you for a meme. : ) It’ll be up in a minute or so on my blog.

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