I Love To Feed People Who Are Really Hungry

We fed him an entire meal grown at the lake. Corn,


Hard to believe you got your start from a paper bag.




more zucchini


Green Beans and Cantaloupe. (The seed packet said “cantaloupe” but we opened them, and they were green — but they tasted ripe, and did not taste like honeydew melons.)


And, “after too much sadness,” Blue Gill pulled from the lake.



Man, they were good.


We fed our friend, and it has been weeks since he’s had a good home-cooked meal. He’s working on a big project. We waited until after dark for the boys to bring in the fish in from the lake. I kept the zucchini warm on the grill, wrapped in foil. By the time we ate, the zucchini was warm and a bit mushy — kind of like warm cereal, and it was oh, so comforting.

We sat outside on the picnic table, after dark, in the cold eating our meal together, savoring every last drop of this lake-provided food. My son even played his violin after dinner.


It’s nice to feed people who are REALLY hungry.

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3 comments to “I Love To Feed People Who Are Really Hungry”
  1. This is the sort of post that underlines my basic insecurities about cooking. I feel somewhere deep within me that I should be able to do this sort of thing for the people I love. I prove time and time again that I am incapable 🙁
    Glad you had a wonderful meal.

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