I Knew So Much When I Was 40

But, now, I’m my 50s, I am much humbler. I am in awe at how vast and wonderful the world is, and how there is not just one or even three ways to do something — but one million. This is a vast and wonderful world, and I have just learned to be a bit more open and sit with things for a while.

I hope I can keep this same open attitude if and when I ever become a mother-in-law or a grandmother. Just to let them make their own way, and to assume that they know what is best for them — rather than become a meddlesome, tiresome know-it-all-nag.

In all honesty, they will probably get it all wrong, even though they think they know what’s best… because I got it all wrong too at my age. Maybe this is what is leading me to this new open way of thinking — remembering and realizing all that I got wrong all of those years back. But accepting the fact that a 20, 30 or 40-something is sure they know everything, or the best way to do this one thing is very real. And only time can change that.

Don’t we wish we could go back and tell all of those people who tried to steer us right, and we blatantly ignored, that we get it now? I think that is one of the saddest things in life, is realizing how loved you were when, at the time, you simply felt you were being “controlled.”

But I will tell you this one thing you should do every day, regardless of your age… tell yourself that you are getting more beautiful and lovelier every single day. Because you are.

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