I Hope There Will Be Clutter In Heaven

A clutter-free home must be just about as elusive as a weed-free garden. No matter how much diligence is devoted to throwing things out daily, there is still a constant mass of bits of decisions waiting to be made.

That’s what clutter is. Decisions that must be made. To keep, use, hide, or destroy.

Staying on top of cluter is endless; and so tiring. Is it not tough on your brain to decide if this piece of artwork your child created is worth transforming into a mug for Grandpa, or is it better for all to just throw it into the trash and forget about it?

Decluttering takes up entirely too much mind space — requires way too much thought.

Heaven. That’s where everything will fall into place. There will be no decluttering, because everything will be useful. And, no weeds, too.

I was pondering such issues as I was clearing out our office, creating space for the avalanche that is soon coming from the classrooms when the boys will bring home their treasures and work for the year. A bundle of even more decisions to make.

And, then I found this crumpled piece of paper shoved behind a book.

The first clue that this just might be a treasure, and not clutter, is the kiddie handwriting, as evidenced by the “backward” check.

What is this?

There’s the giveaway on line 2. “Breakfast in Bed.”
This is the checklist used for Mother’s Day… complete with candy, and a few other choice morsels that are unrecognizable.

I decide that I know what this is: A treasure, disguised as clutter. This will cost me virtually nothing, in space, to keep. I can use it as a bookmark, forever. This little list will have hundreds of uses.

I do hope there will be clutter in heaven… otherwise, I’d miss surprises like this one.

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