I didn’t do the stairs

But I’m not ruling them out.  Instead, I made these ghosts… actually, my son ended up doing the eyes, because he has a talent for that kind of thing.

My original plan with the ghosts, being the multitasker that I am, was to wash each window before I put the ghost in — you know, as an incentive.  But guess what? As I started to clean the window, these windows started to turn out EXACTLY like these.  So, I quit washing while I was ahead. Cobwebs add to the spooky feel.

One of my older sons had a friend over after school yesterday while I was making the ghosts. He said, “Wow, that looks cool. I wish my Mom would do stuff like that.”

I said, “Why doesn’t she do it?”  I knew the reasons; time, the mess and all the work.  All justifiable reasons. I just wanted to hear what he said.

“She always says, ‘we’ll do something like that next year.'”

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9 comments to “I didn’t do the stairs”
  1. I living vicariously through your ghost. No such decorating for house showings, keeping it minimal.

    But for Christmas? If the house is still on the market?

    Too bad. There will be a tree. 🙂

  2. I just heard a similar comment the other day about why don’t we put up Halloween decor? I put it out early this year as we were out of town right at the beginning of October. I had some 4-H kids over and one of the girls asked her Mom right there in the hall why they didn’t do that too. Time and mess probably. 😉

    I like your ghosty windows though.

  3. I agree with Heather – the friend’s comment makes me sad. How cool that he like your ghosts. I like them, too! I’m not good with the crafts, but I do try. And I bake cookies! Boys like that. 🙂

  4. Your house is pretty awesome. I am way, way jealous, actually.
    But not to jealous to copy your ghosts! I totally mentioned you in today’s post.

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