I Can’t Do This To All My Soap…

No, this is not whipped cream…

it’s stiff and too soapy. But, if you just happen to have a bar of Ivory Soap in the house, go get it… right now.

Luckily, we have quite a bit of it stashed around in a collection

Then, stick it in the microwave — two minutes should do it.

Then, surprise!

It grows into this amazing mountain, hollow on the inside. It’s still soap — you can break off pieces to use it to wash your hands.  Go to Our Best Bites, the inventor of this soap miracle, for more ways to transform this concoction — including a way to make “new soap.” Pinterest, of course, was where I saw the soapy mountain.

As much as he loves what happened, he’s hasn’t recovered from the shock of watching this transformation. Too afraid to hardly touch it — and certainly not yet willing to do this to “all of his soap.” not willing to give up any more bars of soap for this… even though it’s still soap.


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