I am definitely in the dog house

Our very important babysitter, who 8 years ago, when he was ten and my second son was an infant, wanted very much to be my helper, and quickly learned to manage all four of my boys, is now quite an actor.


He is hands-down, my boys’ favorite babysitter. He has seen me through the dark witching hours of many afternoons, made duct tape wallets for my boys, taught them how to play hide-and-seek with our dog, and given my husband and me our much needed “dates” every now and then. He will be heading to college this Fall, probably on an acting scholarship.

How was I to know, months ago when I bought the tickets to see him in his final performance here, as the Tin Man in the Wizard of Oz, that it would be the very same night as THE GAME. How was I supposed to know that our home town team would make it to the Final Four? How was I supposed to know that my 8-year-old would be invited to his best friend’s house, with 3 other buddies for his second sleep-over the very same night?
The men in my house are very upset. But it is our last chance to see him perform before he makes it big on Broadway. What’s the problem? I mean, the game can be taped, right?

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  4. Hey Susie i hope you got my email a while back about the male babystitter thing, and about the whole john walsh thing. As a male nanny/preschool teacher myself. i wanted to extend my thanks to you, Its people like you that make my job of enriching children’s lives much easier and not making me want to give up the dream of being special needs teacher.


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