I’m Bored – Follow-up

I was standing in Half Price Books looking for some magazines, and my 3-year old suddenly had his arms full of stuff he wanted me to buy for him. Without even blinking an eye, my 11-year old, quickly knelt down and tried to explain to him that we weren’t buying all that stuff. I said I would buy them each one thing. One of the items they picked was a very advanced fish painting kit – because the 3-year-old likes fish.

It looked pretty complex. My 11-year old quickly responded, “I’m painting it for him, and then, they can have it in their room.” Precious.


So, for the next several days, my 11-year old focused and painted. Time flew, while he worked. My son, without any effort, seems to always win art awards at school, and his work is always chosen for special citywide displays.

This is not a talent I have pushed – I don’t sign him up for the latest art classes. I used to, but he hated going, preferring the sports camps instead. So, this time, it was simply his idea. And he’s thriving in it. It’s his own thing – and nothing his Mother made him do. And yet, it seems to be blossoming in its own time, in its own way, without my help. No, I’m not


saying he will grow up to be an artist. But, this is how he’s choosing to pass his time today, and it makes him content. It seems he would much rather do this, than hang out with peers right now. So, let him at it.


Sadly, the pictures I took of his finished “fish” pictures for his brother are missing from my computer. I will post them as soon as my computer decides to cough them up. But, of course, he has other pursuits. I finally completed this video, on You Tube, here.

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