Hydrangeas on a Sunday Morning

This heat is unbearable right now, but I love summer. There are surprise blooms everywhere. I find it almost impossible to believe that these hydrangeas

were growing in my backyard. These flowers look so luscious and perfect — like something you might find as a prop for a Lauren Bacall movie or something. But, no, they’re just here, waiting to be discovered among the vines, and daylilies in our backyard. I picked them until I grew tired of picking them. There are more out there that will probably get destroyed by the heat this week. But this bouquet is just enough… sitting in this old pottery pot, drying, to give us beauty for one year, in the the master bedroom.

It’s a big birthday weekend. My husband and I are three days apart… and there are more flowers popping up around here than we can candle. There were the Sunflowers he brought

home from the market. Love the vase? An idea I found on Pinterest, of course. (I tried to do the tape thing… to get the blooms to stand up by themselves… but how does sticky tape stick to a wet vase? This solution, each bud in an individual pop bottle, tied together with raffia, worked better.

The Nasturtiums are just starting to open up… and berries. Berries are sort of like flowers for the palette. You should of seen the leftover platter from our family’s traditional Angel Food Birthday Cake, which is always is covered in berries. I can’t think of a better time to have a Birthday…

Our January birthday little guy, who loves that his birthday is right after Christmas, has just figured out how lucky Mom and Dad really are, to have their birthdays in the summer. Poor little guy — because he’s right, I can’t think of a better time to have a birthday.

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  1. Happy birthday to the two of you. I knew it was close. Sending my love to you and D. Be happy! See you soon, my men will be there late Sat. I am very anxious to get there myself. I will never stay home again.

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