How To Re-size Google Doc Videos To Post On Your Blog

If you have a GMail account, I hope you’re taking advantage of google documents — a virtual word processing package that lets you create documents, presentations and spreadsheets that you can share over the Internet. Now, you can even upload your videos to google documents… which makes them much easier to send via email. Once the video is uploaded, you can simply share the url of the document page, and send to your list.

If you want to share this video on your blog, things get a bit more tricky. There is currently no way to pop it onto YouTube. Your only option is to grab the embedded code from google docs and paste that into your HTML file. Yet, the google docs default size is 640 in width — way too wide to post on your blog, without covering up your sidebar.

Here’s how to fix the code so that it can fix on your blog.

When you grab the embed code from the google docs page, it’s on the right hand side of the screen when you click on the video… and says “embed.”


Click on the bottom right hand corner of the embed window so that you can see the entire code.

There are two places where the size of the video are located — you can see them where the red arrows are pointing.

Both sets of numbers need to be changed for this to work.

Copy the embed code, and paste the code onto your blog in HTML mode. Change the size numbers — a good proportion of numbers is 425 for width and 349 for length.

Change this on both areas, click save, and post. Your video now fits nicely on your blog.


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