How To Photograph The Solar Eclipse Without Damaging Your IPhone

To my son at college.  Today, we will have the same sun as you. In less than one minute apart, around 5:45 today, we will both have a partial solar eclipse today. I know I have missed many lunar and solar eclipses with you — due to clouds and busyness, but today, the sun is shining, and the eclipse will last for about an hour, right up until sunset.  So let’s not miss it.

Here’s what I want you to know. If you pull out your Iphone camera to take a photo or video of the solar eclipse, you will damage the sensor on your IPhone, according to USA Today . Yes, I’m sure someone around campus will have made a pinhole projector, but that will give you that little view of the white speck transforming into a crescent. That never looks real.

What you want to do instead, is to look at the ground. This will be amazing, as the shadows from the leaves of the trees will turn into millions of tiny little crescents. They will flitter all around you — that’s when you can use your IPhone camera.

You’ll see something like this,


I found on Petapixel.

You know how I feel about the stars. Who placed them there, and who named each one. And sometimes when we think our problems here on earth are so big here that God has forgotten about us, looking up the stars reminds me of how he’s holding us, and the stars, all in place, perfectly aligned, and perfectly balanced. And even when we feel like we’re forgotten, just like we forget to look at his miracle of the stars, he’s got us.  Always.

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