How to make a Sailboat from Recycled Materials


Sailboat ingredients:

  • Styrofoam egg carton
  • Stick
  • Old plastic tablecloth or vinyl shower curtain
  • Duct tape
  • Patience


Instructions to make sailboat:

  • Separate the top from the bottom of the egg carton. Use the top for the sailboat, and use the bottom – the eggcups for seats.
  • Cut sail out of vinyl into a right triangle
  • Cut two holes in the top and bottom to push stick through. Insert stick in holes, and reinforce lightly with duct tape.
  • Cut slit in section of egg carton that is high, and will not sit in the water. Push stick through and secure lightly with duct tape.
  • Use the egg holders from the other side of the egg carton to add “seats” for Batman and Robin.
  • Be ready for complaints that “they don’t want it like this.”
  • Hide sailboat from child when he goes to sleep to avoid more whining the next day.


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6 comments to “How to make a Sailboat from Recycled Materials”
  1. This post was really inspiring – I’m closing my computer and directing my bored children in making a sailboat. Of course, we are in the mountains of Mexico for the summer and there is nary a drop of water anywhere in sight…oh, I remember a fountain!!!

    Thanks for the inspiration.

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