Update: The New Brain Food: How To Make A Perfect Bird In A Nest:

“He’s going to be really smart today for his test, because he’s eating eggs for breakfast,” I said to my cardboard-cereal munching boys who refused to eat a hot breakfast, lovingly made by their mother, like their baby brother does.

“This is BRAIN FOOD,” I added.

“BRAIN FOOD!,” he screamed!

“That just GROSSES me out.” I am not finishing this egg.

So, he grabbed a handful of fried kale instead.

Ahhhhh. Mornings.

If you have little ones in your house, you have undoubtedly heard of the “Bird In The Nest” method of creating egg and toast. The bird, is the egg, that you fry, right into the center of a piece of bread, which is the nest.

Presentation is so important. You can’t have your egg running outside of the edges of the cut in the bread — or it ruins the whole effect.

To make the egg stay perfectly within the cut lines of the bread, the key is to get your skillet hot and ready before you drop the egg into the pan. That way, your egg will immediately solidify into the “hole”, with no seepage.

Also — use  a cookie cutter to cut your bread. Mix up the shape to match the season, or the holiday.

Use butter, and make the toast with the top of the nest, by toasting it right in the skillet beside the egg.


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