How to Make a Hymnal Angel

HYMNAL ANGEL SUSIEJ012Here are the instructions on how to make this angel.


  1. Fold (# 50 PAGES) front and (#50 PAGES) back — by taking the bottom right hand corner and folding in half with the right hand corner touching the spine.
  2. The back pages will be folded with the book open, so folds go towards back. The completes the Angel wings.
  3. Fold remaining pages of the hymnal by taking by taking the upper right-hand corner and folding in half with the upper right-hand corner touching the center of the spine.
  4. The makes the skirt of the Angel.
  5. Folding must be accurate – as it shows on the front of the completed Angel and the book will not stand alone if not folded accurately.
  6. Next place a wood head (the one that is flat on the bottom) Glue in place.



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12 comments to “How to Make a Hymnal Angel”
  1. I made something similar to this using a raffia bow rather than ribbon and excelsior (shredded Aspen wood fiber) for the hair. I omitted the doily. This gave the project a more primitive, simle look. Hope that helps!

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  3. Another variation is to replace the doilie with a bow made from wired ribbon, the woden head with a styrofoam ball covered with a page from another hymnal (no face) and hair with spanish moss.

  4. I would like to purchase two of your stunningly beautiful angel hymnals. Do you take orders from out state buyers?

    Sincerely, DeAnna Garrett

    I may be reached at 775-232-0241

  5. I am making these for table centerpieces for a Christmas breakfast for a senior citizens’ group.

    How do you glue the heads on? There doesn’t seem to be enough space at the top of the pages and the spine is higher than the pages. Also the doily is between the pages and the flat part of the head.

    We thought about using a dowel into the head and down through the spine, but that would break the glued spine.

    They are wonderful and we want to make sure they turn our perfect.

    Thank you for your response.

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