How to make a Halloween Costume in one night


Your secret weapon here, is the microwave. “Micro Papier Mache” lets you cheat, and make just about anything in just one night. All you need is the perfect mold.

In this post, you’re going to have to use your imagination, a bit. I’m going to give you some basic how-tos, that you can translate into any costume you want; whether you want to be a comical adult version of a Princess, a Pirate, or an Elf, or, in this case, Pinocchio.

Here’s my tutorial on how to make a Halloween Costume in the microwave. The microwave saves you time — you can make this the night before, easily, no sweat.

First, find a bowl that fits your head.



Then, cover bowl with saran wrap. Crucial step.


Then, mix 1/2 part glue to 1/2 part water.
Lay sheets of newspaper across bowl. (No need to tear in strips. This is a one-shot Halloween costume. Doesn’t have to be tough as nails.)
Brush glue mixture onto each layer of newspaper. You’ll need about 5-6 layers. Shape hat into form that suits your costume.


Zap in the microwave –1 minute at a time (to avoid a fire) for about 5-6 minutes. Check after each minute for dryness.
Once done, spray with your favorite spray paint.

The collar is simply a Starbuck’s coffee filter. (My 6-year old’s bright idea.) You can do a lot with that coffee filter, if you let your imagination run. (I needed the caffeine to keep me going at that point, for one thing.) Find some clothes at the second hand-store, and have some fun.

To create the nose, I used the microwave and papier mache recipe. All you need is the perfect mold.


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17 comments to “How to make a Halloween Costume in one night”
  1. I need this. Everything is so expensive, and so cheap looking in the costume stores. I think I can actually do this.

  2. That’s a nice idea. No need for spending money (on costumes they will outgrow and won’t be able to use the following year).
    Very very cute Pinocchio by the way.

  3. I used a Buzz Lightyear toy rocket. It was perfect, but sadly, no longer in our lives (not because of the microwave), and was absent from these pictures. I was unable to find a suitable way to keep it on his nose — it really bugged him, so I just put two holes in the side of the nose, and ran a string through it, so it worked like a medallion.

  4. how did we ever live with out mircowaves?!?!?!?

    love the costume!

    cheers for the advice . . . might just have to check it out 🙂

  5. Very cute costume! I had dreams of fashioning a brilliant costume with my very own hands for Julia this year. It’s nice to have a dream. She’s actually going as SuperGirl this year, courtesy of Wal-Mart.

    There’s always next year.

  6. Fantastic!! I have never heard fo doing papier mache in the microwave…guess that’s cos I stopped primary teaching and went over to high school! We don’t do Halloween in Australia too much. Occasionally people have a party (often the adults!!) but trick or treating is not a big thing. More to the point I work in a Christian school and a lot of families are very ‘thingy’ about witchcraft. Harry Potter is banned from the library!!!! I think its silly but there you go. But back to the costume. Cheers to you for being so creative and not bowing to consumer pressure. He looks great!

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