How To Host a Reverse Surprise Birthday Party

First you plan it. You talk it up, make sure the guest of honor knows where and when it will take place (on her birthday), and then, when she asks, what she can bring — don’t say, “Nothing.” Tell her, “Great!” Because, she just might make her warm artichoke dip that your son loves, and then, he’ll be really happy! (And that’s a plus, because you are going to be quite busy…)


Next – you don’t make a cake. You send the boys out to the woods


to pick berries, so you can make pie. Three of them, in fact.


You spend most of the day baking, and mixing pie shells.


The men get busy on the grill, making these potatoes in a cast-iron skillet on the grill that will put a thankful end

bdayparty012to your low-carb efforts. And the meat — shredded and tender — don’t get me started on how great it was. lbirthdayparty009

Then, you hang a sign (that one of the neighbors made herself, that VERY afternoon (just kidding — she made it awhile ago), and you hang out and wait. bdayparty011

You let the kids start eating some snacks…


Because, they’re getting restless. When she doesn’t show up with everyone else, THAT’s when you decide to make it a SURPRISE…”What a great idea,” we say to ourselves.

So, you send out scoutsbdayparty016 to let you


know when she’s coming.


You even come up with some fabulous “code word,” like “Surprise! So, that when she comes, round that bend, you’ll all be ready…


for that gorgeous glow that she brings wherever she goes.


Then, you watch the sun go down…

bith009and then use that deck as a dance floor.





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One comment to “How To Host a Reverse Surprise Birthday Party”
  1. Oh God this sounds amazing!!!!! You are so blessed with friends, family and Lake!

    It reminds me slightly though of the surprise 65th we gave my mother (because she had been griping that no-one did anything special for her birthday/s). We told her she was going to the surprise birthday of another friend.She even bought him a present. BEST reaction ever.

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