How Long Before School Starts Again?

I’m writing this at 2 in the afternoon — just after I finished my first meal of the day — a bowl of Go Lean Crunch (with the flax seeds) and my morning cup of tea. I’m saving the shake (with kale from my garden, for later.) My second full day of summer vacation, without my husband, at the lake. I am a bit exhausted. Already. Grant it — life at the lake is harder than life in the city — no dishwasher, no microwave, no TV, no garbage disposal, and generally it’s just not convenient to run out and get something when you need it. But so far today we’ve:

  • Trapped the Opossum that was getting into our garbage can.
  • The little boys found a snake swimming up to them while they were playing in the sand at the edge of the water. Turns out it was a water moccasin. A poisonous snake. Now I’m more worried than you can imagine.
  • Cooked up a big batch of oatmeal/peach crisp combination for the boys — which was devoured before I got a single bite.
  • I’ve chased more toads out of my living room than I care to share. I know one is in the house, because a toad chirps, or squeaks when he is being held. So, at least the loose amphibian is always in someone’s lap. When the toad is scared, he pees. “But, mom, it’s only water.”
  • Quote of the morning. “He stuck his hand in the cereal box and ate it, and how he won’t let me do it.”
  • Fed a lost baby Robin a worm.
  • I have heard the words, “I’m Bored” more times than I can count. “Good. After spending more than half of the year having someone else tell you what to do, start thinking for yourself.”
  • Surprisingly, after last year’s mishap, The Martins have moved back into our boat lift for the summer. Mom and Dad are busy building a nest — and they dart around our heads whenever we get close to the boat. Reminds me of the movie, The Birds.
  • Trained all the boys on the proper use of the washer. Explained that I’m preparing them for college.
  • Have pulled out my camera, on demand,  for shots of Charlie the Heron… the lake pet.

  • And more…. But frankly, I’d just like to sit down. So, maybe, now that the boys have moved the blue chairs to the end of the dock, I will just do that.  After, I teach the boys how to handle that pile of dishes in the sink.

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    1. Oh, to be bored! What you are doing sounds wonderful. So far, our summer vacation has been consumed with a new babysitter…who will be fired this weekend…and the horrific quest to find a new one that is available and much more mature than the last one within the next week.

      Have a wonderful summer! I’m sorry that we didn’t get you the new fishing lure to take with you before you left! Someday, the boys will have to fish together!!

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