How High Do Planes Fly?

I would show the picture I took of the massive amount of bags that are strewn about our living room right now… but I’ve packed my camera already. Six large bags, six carry on bags (full of granola bars, Frog and Toad books, Foxtrot Comic Books, Beatles Anthologies, and a book on how to build desktop weapons for spit balls) are loaded with ski gear, bathing suits, winter coats and layers and layers and layers to face the weather in Steamboat Springs, Colorado. Somehow, my friend tells me, we’ll be able to swim outside in the springs, and still wear our cold-weather gear and snow ski down the mountain on the same day. Can’t wait to see what she’s talking about.

The little boys have flown before… but not for a long, long time. So, as I tucked them into bed, they are wondering with trepidation what they may have signed up for. Thirty thousand feet, they’ve decided, is just too high.

“Just pray that God cancels our flight tomorrow,” I heard one whisper to the other as I walked upstairs.

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  1. arghghgh… it’s too late to ask you to take me with you! Have a great time. Steamboat is FABULOUS. Hope you have great snow and get to Strawberry Springs!

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